5 Sep


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Electronic equipment that has a smart chip is very difficult to find. Some of this equipment is sometimes also rarely produced. To get a home security product, you usually have to order the factory first. Then where can we order it or where can we buy the home security product? Whitways is one of the manufacturing companies that produce various products and this company comes from China. Today Whitways will produce various electronic products. Some types of products include the electric fence, home security, IP cameras, backyard controls, educational toys, optical communications, PCB assemblies, control home appliances, and medical product manufacturer in China.

PCB assembly

What are you looking for? Are you looking for PCB assembly in Dongguan? Very suitable when you visit whitways. There you will get several types of PCB assembly that you need. The price is also very affordable and the product is very high quality. So, buying a product on Whitways is one long-term investment because the PCB that we produce can be used in a variety of electronic devices. Circuit boards that have been produced have gone through several stages of production such as SMT to wave soldering that is done automatically. For the production that is not done automatically, we use an expert team that is undoubtedly capable and they are very competent in this production. Having 6 SMT lines allows us to work with a maximum speed of 0.27 seconds per keeping. This is a very fast time record and makes our time efficient in producing various other products.